Ceci est TOUT ce que j'ai comme docs. Servez vous, triez, cherchez, et, peut être trouvez ce que vous cherchez...

This is ALL what i have as documentation. Download, search, and, perhaps find what you need...

Updated June 30, 2011


All the files parts are about 30 MO each. You will need all the parts of each file to be able to open it. Be patient, at least, as i was to make this compilation FOR YOU

Nota. It is not forbiden to send me a " THANK YOU " by e-mail if you appreciate ...


R-140 radio station operation manual and schematics, excellent quality

R-140 station very rare docs, excellent quality scans by Gary EW1MM


R-140 AMPLIFIER operating manual

File 1 part 1

File 1 part 2

File 1 part 3

File 1 part 4

File 1 part 5

File 1 part 6

File 1 part 7

File 1 part 8


File 2 part 1

File 2 part 2

File 2 part 3

File 2 part 4

File 2 part 5


File 3 some other schematics

 File 4   R-137 & R-155

File 5   Antenna Tuner other schematics

File 6  R-140 Station manual part 1

File 6  R-140 Station manual part 2


That's All Fox !!!!!

Enjoy !!!!

73's de Dominique.

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