Revision 1: February 2010

Updated 115 V / 400 Hz supply June 2010

By Dominique F1FRV

This automatic antenna tuner is made for 2-30 MHz. Defined by COLLINS for 650 Watts (-55 to +55 °C @ 30 000 feet or ~9144 meters). It can be safely used up-to ~1.3 kW SSB in amateur service 1.8 - 30 MHz.

RF power requirement for tuning is ~ 40 Watts.

Power supply is 115 V / 400 Hz ~65 VA. If you dont have a 115V 400Hz supply, it is easy to make one. See in downloads.

Some pictures


TX Interface


Manuals Part1 (~10 MO)

Manuals Part2 (~10 MO)

Manuals Part3 (~10 MO)

Place the 3 manual parts in same directory, and run the .exe.

 115V 400Hz Supply

You can also download the files necessary to make the PCB:

Dominique - OR

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