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By Dominique F1FRV

These automatic antenna tuners are made for 1.6-30 MHz. Defined by HARRIS for 500 Watts and 1 kW (-30 to +65 °C ambiant temperature). RF-351 & RF-601 are part of the RF-350 line. RF-382 is part of the FALCON line. In ICAS service, and not extreme high temperatures, they can be safely used at more than 150% of their max design power.

It is possible to use them with ham transceivers or amplifiers (without the Harris RT-1446 transceiver), this is described here for the RF-382.

500 / 750 WATTS

500 Watts RF-351 Operation and service manuals


1000 / 1500 WATTS

1 kW RF-601 Service manual Part 1/2

1 kW RF-601 Service manual Part 2/2

1 kW RF-601 Other useful docs


Info (for the "nuls"): both parts needed into same directory before extration of the .PDF, in launching the .EXE....


500 / 750 WATTS

500 Watts RF-382 Operation manual and Ham interface


Link to RF-353 & RF-355 Harris automatic amplifiers

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