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The friends / Les amis

Réconfort moral, au cas où vous l'auriez dans les chaussettes.
Link to
Le site de J&B, F4EOH, baluns et descriptions de ses réalisations. De + en + d'infos techniques utiles.
Link to CQHAM.RU: technical docs, news and forums (english automatic translation).
Link to Alex, UR4LL (click to see picture) : Russian surplus web pages at correct prices.
Lexique technique radio > 41 000 mots !!! Francais < > Allemand de Jürgen SK 26.12.2016 DL3OBK , Rev. Mai 2016 .
Link to Pali HA8YU for Variable capacitors & very good parts for amplifiers & tuners.
Link to
Link to I1WQR pages of links about all what could be needed
Link to ELECTRODUMP surplus hollandais, de belles choses à prix corrects.
Link to ELECMENTS13, a good source for Russian parts.

Link to
Link to pages techniques de F6BKD, très bien documentees.
Link to
PC screen glass cleaner. Nettoyage mieux qu'avec "Mr Vitres" et un chiffon.
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Recherche multi critères d'un indicatif Français / French Call search: ANFR

Recherche d'un indicatif / Call search: QRZ.COM or HAMCALL.NET

High power amplifiers and related topics

Link to N2DX, QRO amplifiers and Russian tubes
Link to Tony, W4ZT page on power tubes tester
Link to W4ZT Tony's site about the GS-35b
Link to documentation of Russian relays B1B & B2B
Link to YU1AW amplifiers and RF projects
Link to Russian high voltage ceramic capacitors complete data
Link to
Link to The best Japanese (and perhaps in the world) linear amplifiers: Bear Electronics
Link to WV7U large amplifiers
Link to
Link to Russian antenna vacuum relays datasheets (english & russian)
Link to ANDREW coaxial cables data
Link to Frank's electron Tube Data sheets
Link to G8RWB tubes datasheets and application notes, and more....
Link to professional baluns (prices not for poor hams...)

Link to
Link to
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Some good simulation freewares

Link to DUNCAN Power Supply Designer, very useful and easy to use.
Link to local copy of RFSIM99 in English. Very good and easy to use.
Link to local copy of RFSIM99 in Russian language.
Link to HP AppCAD 3.02   RF and microwave simulator.
Link to the one of the best TOROIDS and air coils simulation freeware: MINIRK by (SK) DL5SWB

Link to Small S2P parametres viewer freeware: RSPLOT
Link to Sophisticated SxP parametres viewer freeware: DaVinci
Link to F5BU web site, last revision of "GALVA" for meters scales & front plates drawing
Calcul des rayonnements d'antennes suivant réglementation Francaise
Link to HP components datasheets and S2p files
Link to S parametres for MINICIRCUITS components
Link to QUCS a VERY good FREE simulator, now available for windows.
Link to Schematics and PCB design: KICAD (multilingual)
Link to
Link to to Analog Devices design tools
Link to
Link to
Link to
Link to

Some digital modes softwares

Link to SEATTY,  EXCELLENT marine software NAVTEX, FAX & RTTY
Link to
MMSSTV, Slow Scan TV software
Link to EASYPAL (formerly HAMPAL), DRM software, French pages
Link to
Link to 
Link to


Some amateur radio technical pages

Link to DK7ZB excellent pages about antennas design and realisation
Link to ON7YD , 136 kHz , A lot of good stuff !!!!
Link to KB2LJJ 'TX/RX mods'
(very good pages FREE & WITHOUT LIMITATIONS)
Link to THE online REFERENCE book "From TX to antenna" by Dave G3YNH
Link to DXZONE, the largest Amateur Radio related web directory

Link to CEBIK W4RNL (SK), Very good pages about antennas
Link to F3DD Maritime mobile magnetic loops. Tout sur les antennes boucles magnétiques.
Link to RF and Microwave handbook.
Link to
Link to rare old russian components docs (courtesy Roman US5WDX)
Link to OK1UGA very good descriptions of realizations (english translation)
Link to
Link to
Link to
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FREE books and manuals

Link to a lot of rare and hard to find things here..
Link to other service manuals.
Link to E.Service Info, user and service manuals.
Link to BAMA, user and service manuals.
Link to other RX & TX rare service manuals.
Link to some "boat anchors" and old equipments manuals.
Link to JPTRONICS manuals and buletins.
Link to N6WK, old TRIO & KENWOOD manuals and service manuals
Link to a lot of free "TM" manuals at RadioNerds
Link to "Full Electronic books Free to download." Some good things here...
Link to USMC antenna handbook 1999.
Link to Radio antenna engineering handbook 1952.
Link to ArtekManuals for Obsolete Test Equipment ( You will have to pay, but very correct prices)
Link to SMD components marking / Marquage composants CMS
Link to
some rare "TM" manuals for old military equipments
Link to NOT FREE (~15 Euros) impossible to find free manuals.
Link to EIMAC care & feeding of power grid tubes. The Bible !!!
Link to FREE operation & service manuals
Link to

Some electronic components suppliers

Link to
Link to
RFMICROWAVE, Franco Rota, components retailer (in Italy).
ECG Products ( now NTE )
KENWOOD Original Spare Parts Global WW service
Dow-Key  Coaxial relays.
Czech Republic components GES.CZ . E-shop, Paypal & export OK.
AMIDON USA, Good prices for Toroids (min. order 50$)
PARTS AND KITS USA, Good prices for Toroids, and diodes 1N5711
FARNELL professional components sold to OMs at "OM" prices
A-INFO (China) Dummy loads, attenuators in thick film flanged cases.
PCS-Electronics  Special coax cables 10, 17, 25, 75, 93 Ohms and other good RF stuff.
Link to Tube Town Store: tubes, sockets, accessoiries, Hammond boxes ......
Link to
NEOSID coils supplier .
Link to CCI (USA), Arco mica capacitors & other components for SS PAs .
Link to HI-FI 2000 , EXCELLENT 19" racks, at very correct prices and postage fees.
Link to HI-FI 2000 boxes and racks, French stockist: AUDIOPHONICS.
Link to

Link to
Link to
Link to
Link to
PCBCART (Chine) CIRCUITS IMPRIMES (PCB's) . Very good quality & prices...

Some commercial links

HENRY-RADIO The best prices for BIRD elements.
Link to
Max-Gain Systems RF power parts and fiberglass poles for cubical quad at "correct" prices.
RemoteRig, to have your station remote controled via internet.
RF connectors TCHONGS at TCHONGS QSJs (good quality).
Link to BRICOVIS (France) visserie qualité professionnelle à SUPER prix OM.
DIFONA (Allemagne).
WIMO (Allemagne).
SCHUBERT low cost tiny boxes and variable air capacitors.
TIMEWAVE / AEA's products
Link to
ARRAYSOLUTIONS Baluns et autres équipements sérieux
Link to VPA-SYSTEMS for DK7ZB antennas at correct prices
Link to TRONSER small air variable capacitors & trimmers
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