[] Extender

EXTENDER FOR VNA x 16 10-180 > 160-2880 MHz

Rev 3a

F1FRV 2008


Due to important labor to assemble, high cost of components, and NOW alternative solutions with new VNA's, this extender is NOW obsolete !!!

Internal link to "Linear amps "cold" adjustments procedure with VNA"


July 25 , 2008. Updated Software and files.

Download the last software Mini Extender (rev 1.0.5)

Download the VB6 source file for Mini Extender (rev 1.0.5)

This is only some (a lot now) modifications made on the SP3SWJ revision 3.02, to improve ergonomy in use with (or without) the frequency extender, and some explanations added in the configuration (Extender.ini) and Install.txt files.

Without frequency extender, you can either use, the SP3SWJ's revision 3.02 available at http://sp3swj.googlepages.com/vna_software, or my last software Mini Extender.


No more bare PCB's for extender will be available.

The new last doubler (SYK-2-33+), equivalent to SYK-33-1 is now available.

It can be used as 3rd doubler (instead of SYK-2-R), and 4th doubler. See Minicircuits page for datasheet and prices.


Files to download:

Extender files

VB6 last runtime and sometime necessary overlays

Minicircuits EUROPEAN orders procedure

Extender components datasheets

For now, That's all Folks !!!

Dominique - f1frv@sfr.fr

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