TRX 50-650 MHz

by Dominique - F1FRV


This transceiver can be used in simplex, semi or full duplex . The FM data bandwidth is from 25 kHz, up to 650 kHz, with available 10.7 MHz ceramic filters.
In bands 50-54, 70-76, 144-148, 219-225, 420-450 MHz, the power output available is ~1 Watt up to 225 MHz, and ~500 mW above.
It can also be used on the same bands with an associated 200mW > 25 Watts power amplifier.

For high data rates, it is designed to be used as intermediate frequency for transverters.
In this case 254.4 and 315 MHz can be used as IF’s (choice guided by available SAW filters).
For transverter use, the on board final TX transistor is not installed, and available output power is +12 dBm. 

Preliminary design files
TRX_SCH.PDF: Schematics of transceiver main board (740 ko)
TRX_LAYOUT.PDF: Layout and PCB views (340 ko)
OVEN.PDF: Temperature stabilisation for oscillator (195 ko)
SIMPL_SW.PDF: Pin switch for simplex transceiver (280 ko)
25W_PA.PDF: Power amplifier for simplex transceiver (420 ko)
TRX_CALC.XLS: Some necessary calculations (15 ko)

Up to now, only a part of paperwork’s is done...
Availability is not for tomorrow morning….

A lot of remaining things have to be criticised, simulated, lab tested, and certainly modified.
This transceiver will perhaps be inscribed as part of the “384 kB/s multimedia project“ of a multi-national team... Several radio clubs members are ready to be involved  in...

Tasks assignments is to be defined in details with project co-ordinator Paul Rinaldo W4RI.

Further information will be given as soon as available.

Best 73’s de Dominique F1FRV
 Update (June 2001)

E.mail to f1frv@sfr.fr

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