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This cold war era equipmentis a semi automatic (10 memories) 1,5 to 30 MHz antenna tuner. R-140 stations have been used in all Warsaw pact countries, with front panel in each local language. Original service was for 1 kW, but, all components can whistand without heating 5 kW... There are two ways of using this equipment: Alone with any transceiver, or with the R-140 amplifier.

In any case, 10 preset tunings, and 5 antennas (asymetric or symetric) can be memorized. Input is asymetric (coaxial cable) and output can be either asymetric or symetric.A local or remote control box is easy to build, to manage the "engine". Just a 27 V DC @ 5 to 6 Amps supply, and few switches are necessary. Adaptation to original RF input special connector has to be realised.

Tuner simplified schematic diagrams

Schematic diagram of the control box

Schematic diagram for optional antenna switch

Schematic diagram of optional by-pass

Connections and pins matrix schematic diagram

Main dimensions and 19" rack adaptation

Some pictures (click to enlarge)

Tuner (~55 kg) Front panel and right side

Right side details and left side details

Rear connectors 7W1 & 2, antenna outlet connectors & matrix 1

Matrix 2 (antennas), antenna switch, and tuning positions hand writing board

Internal details, nice mechanical job, done from the 60's up to ~1985...


Unit 14: The 5 antennas remote switch (~15 kg)

Home made works

Click on pictures to enlarge

Control box, for use of tuner without R-140 amplifier

Rear panel (DIN 7X16 input adaptation) and decoupling capacitors

3 U Rack including tuner by-pass relay, and automatic SWR / Wattmeter

By-pass relay and SWR compensation capacitors

SWR detection, automatic SWR & power boards, necessary shielding

New sym antenna location and new DIN 7x16 asym antenna outlet

Front and rear views of my antenna tuner and by-pass rack

Radio Scanner.Ru

(English translation)

Links to other

R-140 pages


(English translation)

Internal link to the 5 antennas remote switch and fictive antenna

Special thanks to some hams, who helped us to find technical documentations:
Stefan DL1ROY, Zdeno OK2ZW, Ludek OK2ZC, Milan OK1MR, Pavel OK1DX

Download schematic diagrams (rebuild & detailed originals): 7PSZ_doc.zip

Dominique - f1frv@sfr.fr OR

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