High power Dual Directional Coupler

50-450 MHz up-to 5 kW

by F1FRV

Rev 2: february 2014

Tous droits réservés (Copyright) F1FRV

This directional coupler is based on W1GHZ paper " High-Power_Directional_Couplers_with_Excellent_Performance.pdf ".

It is designed for measurements in the range 50-450 MHz up-to 5 kW, Design coupling is ~44 dB @ 144 MHz.

It works also well under these frequencies but, with less coupling.At 1300 MHz, poor SWR & directivity to expect.

For UHF - SHF, up-to 2.4 GHz, see W1GHZ descriptions in his paper.

SWR and Directivity are ok for amateur accurate enough power & SWR measurements.

Box dimensions are 9"x7"x2", this is a standard "BUD" aluminium box, available at Radiospares, Mouser and others.

Test bench

Measurements 20-450 MHz

Measurements Low Bands

Measurements 1150-1350 MHz

Power detection calculations

For now, That's All Fox !!!!!

Enjoy !!!!

Download ALL documentation, drawings and bill of materials

Download only precise measurements for each band

Download only pics of assembly

To arrive soon: Quadratic display calculator circuit.


Dominique - f1frv@sfr.fr OR

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